Sunday, 15 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

I give you my heart
It is phrase reserved for a time
In dazed reality, the bottle of wine
Makes the words lurch

The ceremonial cake
Clotted by the tense saliva
Ticking over
‘Shall we just be friends’
-          I have no idea either.

I give you my heart
Repeats the desperate man
Finger-trigger, in the corner
Layers his throat another larger
And she beyond the point of speaking

The wearing of the public art
Adorns the streets
The half-discerning
 Shopper chooses warmth
In red, and rose, and pearls and paper

I give you my heart
The component parts, excuse the bleeding
Bloody fingers forming music
A clumsy warning
On the strings
-          You could could call it almost soothing

Newsprint is the anaesthetic
Pink with misuse I watch it squirm
Apparently it expresses beauty
I have yet a lot to learn

I give you my heart
The politician chokes
This admission of a curt sincerity
Glistens as the uncertain whisper
‘I hope he gives us something healthy’

Advertisements blurting growth
Apparently ignite romance
As people walk alone with stricken eyes
And dripping hearts in open hands.