Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Ladies and gentlemen
I want to appear in – façade.
Excuse the pause, for I can feign mad
I have practised politeness
Like a second hand. If you say,
You want pain, then that is no issue
It is a common request
Particularly human.

Is my speciality, the corner muse
My enemy  - for preferring the varnish
Of success
Is a better reality. From the heckle
I guess you want to see frailty
I can cry without cause
Apply caresses intently
Thick like gauze
To the strangers arm.

Larger than life personality, that's me
No need for a room. I can form
Acquaintances instantly, appropriately groomed
For impression
Succession is dependent
On a lucky charm.
Take these lips as a pendant
They are cool, my hands on an arm
Will adjust to the room.

These fingers as furniture
Individual tools
To capture the trailer
For the upcoming film.
As for rapture, its residual
Fetter on my front
Thick from the rehearsal
-          It’s like second nature.
The lump

In my throat
Is an optional extra, the depression
Can be in the cheek
Or the eye. They say dimples are sweeter
So I can do either
Cry like a gesture

Remember to smile. 

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