Saturday, 9 April 2016

Wordy Rappinghood in Lancashire? Spoken Word Wednesday at The Whitaker

The Whitaker in Rawtenstall Lancashire is not only a museum and gallery, but is bursting forward as a creative space and creator of contemporary culture. This is crucial – it doesn’t just preserve the past, but is working to fuel the arts of the future. Taking place the second Wednesday of every month is their Spoken Word evening, nicknamed ‘Wordy Rappinghood’. The next is on Wednesday 13th April at 7.30 pm and opens up the opportunity for any wordsmith, performance artist or interested individual to showcase their talent in a fabulous atmosphere.

Where else do you get this chance? Perform in a museum!

Whether you are keen poet, public speaker, storyteller or just want to go along to listen, The Whitaker welcomes your contribution. With an attentive audience and beautiful surroundings, you can be sure of a positive experience too. It’s the type of event which brings cutting edge talent to the surface, and I’d thoroughly recommend going along.
After all, who would turn down the chance to perform to an eager audience inside a museum which is over 160 years old? Surrounded by lovingly-restored Victorian interiors and natural history, and complete with a bar and restaurant on-site… it’s enough to inspire anyone! Beginners are warmly welcomed whilst practiced professionals can expect a well-organised and exciting event.

It captures the magic  

The tagline ‘Wordy Wrappinghood’ from the song by the Tom Tom Club actually made me think of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’! After all, The Whitaker was a big feature in the tales of my childhood – and to my five-year old self it certainly had a fairy-tale like feel.  An array of creatures, massive pictures and towering ceilings; it’s the stuff of magic! Crucially, The Whitaker has captured this atmosphere and sense of intrigue and used it to push a number of unique cultural events this 2016. Not only are there spoken word nights, but film screenings, acoustic evenings and beautiful themed meals in their greatly-recommended restaurant. It’s a form of artistic flair, made accessible!
A night at the museum becomes a reality in this place and it has certainly inspired me. Here a few of my own words on The Whitaker:


Words for The Whitaker

Are you ready to come down to The Whitaker?
It’s Lancashire’s cultural calling
Complete with parkland, and a welcome that’s grand
From a museum which is ever-enthralling!
Whether you want to see an array of animals
Or stride through their social history
There is much to be said, for the shrunken head
And artefacts filled with wonder and mystery!
There’s plenty going on in the evenings
With a bar and restaurant packing a punch
And get yourself to their spoken word nights
On the second Wednesday of every month!

For more information you can visit The Whitaker website: 

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