Friday, 8 April 2016

A Nursery Rhyme to Manchester

Hey diddle diddle
Manchester is in the middle
Of wherever I want to be.
It’s raining, it’s pouring
So let’s get drinks going
In Federal, Ziferblat, Rosylee.

Pat a Cake at Home Sweet Home
Or wind the bobbin back to the start
Go to John Ryland’s, an experience priceless
And enjoy Cathedral gardens, Whitworth Park.

From MOSI to Manchester Art Gallery
Whether wheels on the bus or tram
You can travel faster, than you can master
Singing ‘Mary had a little lamb’!

Baa baa black milk seems fitting now
The Afflecks café, cereal-strewn
Part of this place, where the scenery’s ace
And dishes run away with the spoons!

Why? – because after food comes drink
With bars like Odd, Walrus and Dive
If any Jack and Jill, are in need of a thrill
Manchester is the place to be alive.

It’s inspired a showcase of music
Even a Mary Quite Contrary will smile
At the likes of Clint Boon- with his 80s tunes
And Manc records – there is a whole pile!

So sing a song of sixpence
My nursery is this place
Complete with a rhyme, celebrating the times

It’s brought a smile to my face. 

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