Thursday, 19 March 2015

"that unworthy hand"

Join in my affair
After all, the time is done of dating
I’ve writhed under these two hands too long
I am tired of waiting

Just give me a second
To make up my mind
Before we leave for the evening
The light I’ve managed upon each side
The smile unfolds like a beckoning

After all, I’ll invite you in for a drink first
Just as they do in the flicks
And I will set my face for the camera
As you already set the pace with the script

For my dear we have steadily captured
In words what it is to be alone
A reading which seeps into feeling
As you replay
-          The actor at home.

You say the cracks add porcelain character
The fingers I deed to the flames
Like Cramner declared his a liar
And did
And I, mark this, are the same.

Assuming you savour the encore
You watch on your personal stage
Let me live in the past  as you let me

Yet wait here for something to break. 

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