Monday, 2 September 2013

The Incredible Sadness of Clichés

The whole world’s a stage but no one watches
You put a best foot forward, yet when you fall
You give people hell, but it’s only scratches
And to be better safe than sorry means nothing at all. 
There’s a bird in the hand, but none in the bush
They’ve bitten the bullet , more than we can chew
When we dig for gold, only to find a nugget
And when we bite the dust, no one asks “Who?”
Because out of frying pan, the fire can’t catch it
As you hold your tongue, yet warm your hands
When someone walks over your grave, but it’s only plastic
In a world that’s dog eat dog, but you’re just a man.
So don’t shoot the messenger, don’t bite the hand
Just look like ten new pence, though you feel ill
For life is like a blue whale beached on land
Dying inside, but dressed to kill. 

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